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Simple Manual Update

basically the manual updating is the most simple way to update for as long as there are no changes in the database structure and no changes in the config.php file.

to do a simple manual update of your forum, just download the new version of the forum and then just replace all the files and folders of your forum by the new ones except the "config.php" file. bing! youre done.

so far since the first version of the forum there has been no changes in the database structure or in the config.php so Simple Manual Updating is 100% safe at the moment.

soon ill make a list somewhere of all the updates and put an indication next to each update that contain a change either to the database structure or the config.php file so you will be able to see if there are any changes either to database structure or config.php between the version that you have and the one that you want to update to.

if there are changes to the database structure or config.php file between the version you have and the version that you want to update to, you will need to use the Smart Update method.

i will explain the Smart Update Method in detail when its needed

---------edit 3july2011

There still have been no changes in the database yet. There have been a few changes in the config.php but the way I made them, it will still work fine if you run the newest forum with a very old config.php file so the "Simple Manual Update" is still 100% safe from any to any version of the forum.

note: a few extra settings have been added along the way to the config.php file. If you want to take advantage of all the features available, you may want to add them to manually to your config.php by comparing yours with the latest. But if any of these new settings is missing it will not cause any problem so this is optional.


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