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The Game Firms Largely Shut Down

Add more threat to the interior of those woods. Most of the map reflects a universe that is logical to get a mid to low level participant, to whom dragon would be an unusual substance to view and Barrows armour really rare. The most dangerous places simply are not dangerous. Literally adding boss monsters to the centers of these forests would massively increase their threat. However, that is only possible if these areas are large enough which you could go about OSRS gold them if you know where you're. Make the in-game world map less exact. If you could make it so players needed to explore every area before it had been completely documented in the map which would make a large difference to the adventuring feel. New lands would genuinely be alien.

Have fewer artificial barriers. That's a massive immersion breaker. If cliffs were tight but required some time and gear, if borders were not literally wooden fences we might jump , if rivers weren't literal walls but rather obstacles that would be swam over if you had the right equipment, that would be excellent.

There's monsters, but nothing to bind you to the fights, there is training areas, but no grounds to utilize them. You don't get lost in the dream of the landscaping since there's nothing to get lost in besides aesthetics, and you are just twiddling your thumbs waiting for to the next port of call, which, may go partially hand in hand with your suggestion of increasing the problem, but it is going to require more than that. Very good point. Jagex has done a couple of things to adress this, but it doesn't really work for veteran players. The main ones are: Quests. I went to Karamja to quest, like I moved into the desert and Morytania. That's the big reason to go to those regions, but the issue is that after you're done there, you're done. That can bind you to a struggle, and the purpose is that you travel to these regions to fight. Regrettably, a lot of slayer is jump up in dungeons, but that's a essential consequence of making some places accessible to everyone: unless I am wearing the proper gear, I can't realistically run through an area with, say, aberrant spectres. Hunter. This was an intriguing skill for Jagex to include, since it let them make people use more peaceful areas. Chinchompas, Kebbits, even birds (until BurthoTav) required you to get out into the wilds to catch them. This was a good way of earning people go out from civilisation. You had to go to Karamja to receive the best fish. Authentic in members for the dwelling rock caverns.

Woodcutting. Teaks and Mahoganies were/are infrequent jungle trees. Unless they include many exceptional tools to every single map area, what Runescape gold 2107 do you propose they do? Most tools need to be implemented very carefully to be useful: Mahogany had the building skill, some hunter regions needed summoning, and so on.
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