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Some PSO2 gamers will have a ton of grinders

This is because the crystals are employed for PSO2 Meseta timed power data creation ONLY. Requesting a timed ability to place on your own unit from someone else does not need these crystals in any way. The crystals fall in just about any content in a world. So something like Naverius crystals can drop in Naverius Expeditions, Time Attacks (I believe? Haven't supported myself yet), Advanced Quests, and Ultimate Naverius. (Advanced Quests seem to be why wopal is so insanely cheap today as a sidenote, and the absence of an advanced quest or ultimate quest for earth is probably one of the largest reasons ground crystals are super expensive)

This manual pretty much answered all my remaining questions except one. How can I really raise the level of my Main Effect and/or sub consequences? My TA crafting level is now 32, should I raise it to 40 or even 50 will my crafts come with greater rolls? Or once I unlock the' Planet'General' will it be at Max Main Effect as well as the sub-effect ranges on your picture? Right now none of my sub effects can roll up to 50 on any of my crafts. Thank you for the guide! Specific zones have higher consequences. ARKS Fleet 3 maxes at level 3 impact. The world ones maximum at 5. Ahhhh I see, well that explains a Lot lol... but my next question, necessarily, is why continue down the update paths? What is the benefit from finishing that Drive Line when the rolls are already maxed out at level 3? Can there be any?

Are these especially desirable/become mandatory in JP articles? They help give you an advantage. And ulti isn't faceroll whenever you run into 85 bosses, those items are tank. Also, additional RDR bonuses are excellent. Anything to enhance chances are almost always welcome. And of course the EXP bonus timeds for performing keys with Earth timeds. Whereas 250% RDR is buyable, only 75 percent exp profit is buyable, as well as the EXP profit timeds provide more% than the RDR ones as well. You don't have to use them but they are extremely pleasant to have and super cheap to have on a weekly basis. The people making them are the ones paying a shitton to get there pretty much.

What's the quickest way to lvl those up? Can you simply continue crafting the lvl1 versions? yes. The achievements are simply craft x level 1 or greater things on planet x. (you most likely need to try and balance arms/legs/rear however, since there's 1 set of achievements that does not care what you craft, then 3 groups that are part special ) only remember that crafting progress is on a per character basis, so remember which char you were doing it on (and be sure you're performing techs on another char so you can have booth on cooldown in parallel)

You cite tipping. How can one do this? I requested techs yesterday and received no soda up to leave a hint or anything. Also, some gamers will have a ton of grinders within their personal shop at a greater cost. Those are meant for customers to buy to give a hint. I've seen some setting up their store counter, the gacha machine or the kudos counter close to the craft one. I mean a tip is a suggestion, completely optional, sometimes folks will sit in their own PQ to chill and you'd trade meseta (note this is for prem only) If you're a f2p participant and need to tip, you may use personal shop and cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta tip in either naverius,lilipa,amduskia, or even earth crystals set at 1000 meseta to assist us reroll for better rolls.
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