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Why The Division's Bigger YouTuber Is Afraid About 'The Division 2'

The Division 2 just accomplished up its bankrupt beta this accomplished weekend, and the internet is accepting abounding with opinions with what was apparent off, which includes both aboriginal and backward bold content. I’ve already accounting my own thoughts, but I just accomplished watching MarcoStyle’s assay of the beta which covered very, absolute altered credibility from my own The Division 2 Phoenix Credits, and I anticipation it was account spotlighting.

Marco is arguably the bigger committed Division YouTuber out there, ascent to bulge during the absolution of the aboriginal bold breadth he became the go-to agreeable architect for gameplay, opinions and analysts alongside others like SkillUp. So if Marco spends 80% of his beta assay video on accepting that’s amiss with The Division 2, a abominably important aftereffect for Massive and Ubisoft, that’s something that needs to be advised further.

Marco is a hardcore player, and one who focuses mainly on PvP and Dark Zone-side stuff, which has never been my cup of tea as a PvE guy, but the credibility he makes are important, because that ancillary of the bold appears like it may be in even worse appearance than the PvE half, which I’ve mentioned has some issues, from what I’ve seen.

Among the problems listed in the video (which you should watch all of):There are bugs that accept been agitated over from The Division 1 like the adeptness of The Division 2 Boosting players to shoot from in actuality abaft cover, hitting enemies afterwards accepting able to be apparent or hit themselves. This jives with me award added than a few bugs that I aswell bethink from The Division 1, which was one of the added annoying aspects of the beta for me.In the committed PvP modes, for a accomplished amateur like Marco and his squad, the now quicker time-to-kill meant that as a hardcore amateur his accumulation in actuality never faced annihilation akin an absolute challenge, resorting to trolling adversary teams just for something to do because every bold was just a absolute stomp.
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