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What is a HP Support Assistant?

The HP Support Assistant is a built-in function, free tool for Hewlett Packard devices that uses updates and self-help options to help avoid and resolve any issues that might occur on your device. Hp Support Assistant encourages you to maintain your PC and solve problems using computerized updates and solutions to self-improvement time to time. It guides you to solve any of the problems that might occur on your device. The HP program allows you to maintain execution of PCs and solve issues. The reason behind the most of the problems in the computer is the software is not updated in time; this is where Hp support Assistant becomes handy for the users because it automatically finds and installs the latest updates for your device. It will also help to secure your device from malicious file and other external attacks. To know more about the working and for the deep understanding about the HP printer assistant feel free to visit our site at

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