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folder external descriptionzz??

im not sure if i should add that feature or not.

i see most forums have a list of categories that are basically the equivalent of *folders in the nodesforum and usually each of these *categories also have a short description under that explains briefly what this category is about.

but the nodesforum was build kind of differently. each folder does have a description but this description is shown inside of the folder on top of the page but not outside. also the way that these descriptions are behaving at the moment i dont think it will be fit to show them outside of the folder because
  • they support all bbcode tags that the poster is allowed to use, so they can contain videos table ect...
  • posters are allowed to create folders anywhere they can create posts to allow them to group their stuff. so allowing unrestricted external descriptions on folders could allow them to *spam outside of their posts. i feel its best if spammers are forced to keep their spam *inside of their posts

but i was thinking maybe a way i could do that would be to add the external description as a new optional field in the creation of a folder (and consequently in the database) (or it could be added as a folder specific bbcode tag so it can be added as part of the normal description and a field would not need to be added to the db but it might be more of a messy implementation... or maybe it could be a good idea..)

also im thinking about maybe making it so that you can only add an external description on folders that are inside of folders that you have mod powers on or something like that to prevent spammers from spamming outside of their folders. but then im not sure how to handle the situation when the folder is beeing moved from a location to another.

anyways. so adding external description to folders can be done but the problem as you can see is more doing it right. so for now this idea is open for brainstorming. pls feel free to tell me what you think about it...


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